Neo Air Diffuser Curved Special


Best of the world Air Diffusers for freshwater aquariums.

Neo diffuser for Air produces un comparably tiny air bubbles to other air stones. Micro bubble doesn’t make such a noise as it from other air stones and doesn’t splash around. Its large surface area increases dissolved oxygen in the aquarium. Neo diffuser is made of transparent PC, which is not easily broken differently from glass diffusers when separating from the aquarium and cleaning. Simple design is well matched with not only a big aquarium but also a mini.


  • Finest bubbles in the world.
  • Neo Diffusers are made up of PC Pipe, stronger than acrylic not easily breakable.
  • Chamfer for easily putting air pipe.


  • For finer bubbles, put it in water for 10-15 minute before use.
  • If the bubble become bigger, put diffuser in bleach for 5 minute. After that, remove the bleach and use it.

What is in the box ?

Diffuser x 1

Suction Cup x 2

Keep out of the reach of children.

Aquario Brand Website: Link

Patented Product by Aquario South Korea 

Produced 100% in South Korea


Medium, Large


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