Rising Aqua has a team of professional and eminent aquascapers. We designed many planted aquariums, paludariums, terrariums in pan India. All of our Aquascaping Projects are covered by three months limited survival warranty, without any extra charges. If any of the plants dead, we will replace them free of cost. Our team members will visit regularly to track the development of aquascape and provide the essential advice.

Let us bring the Beauty and Peace of Nature in a Glass Box into your place

Transform a corner of your home or office into a point of happiness and joy. Bring a Planted Aquarium, Paludarium or Terrarium. The arrangement of natural rocks, woods and aquatic plants in an artistic manner recreates the ecosystem in the Glassbox and brings life in the place. Let us help in setting up a Green Corner at your home or office. Scan the qr code to reach us.

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