Neo Flow Premium


Neo Flow Premium lily set also includes the Neo Skimmer and Neo Reliever.

Neo Flow Premium is a revolutionary product which add beauty to your aquarium. This lily pipe set is made up of PC which is stronger than acrylic, hence you don’t have to worry about breaking your lily pipes any more. They have many new features compared to the traditional lily pipes.

Premium set also includes the Neo Skimmer as well as Neo Reliever.


1. Not easily broken and transparent flow set

Neo Flow is made of PETG, not glass, and is also stronger than acrylic.

Unlike coloured plastics or stainless materials, it has excellent transparency.

2. Elasticity

Unlike glass, coloured plastic, and stainless steel products, Neo Flow has superior elasticity than acrylic.

3. Compact design

Neo Flow is more compact design using the latest manufacturing method than other products.

4. Easy cleaning

Unlike stainless and glass products, cleaning is easier because the inlet and outlet parts are separated from the pipe.

5. Easy pipe cutting

Also, unlike stainless steel and glass products, it is easily cut with a small saw as well as pipe scissors. In other words, consumers can optimally adjust the length to fit the size of their tank.

6. Change of water flow direction

Since the parts of the outlet are rotated 360 degrees, it is free to change the direction of the water flow unlike glass products.

7. The radius of curvature is small.

Compared to other products, the radius of curvature is small, so it is installed more closely to the glass. More Beautiful & neat !


Use of Neo Reliever ?

With its minimalist design, Neo Relievers can freely adjust the flow velocity and direction of the shoe.

Use of Neo Skimmer ?

Neo Skimmer is mainly used to remove oil film from the surface, Neo Skimmer has multiple uses:

  1. Removal of Oil Film.
  2. Provide aeration to fishes and plants.
  3. Can replace air pump in fish only aquariums.

How to clean Neo Flow ?

Cleaning Neo Flow is just like cleaning your co2 diffuser, dip it in bleach solution for few hours and you will see it turning to new again.

Note – Duration can depend on the amount of algae on the Neo flow.

What in the box ?

  1. Neo Flow IN/OUT Set x 1
  2. Neo Holder x 2 pc
  3. Neo Skimmer x 1
  4. Neo Reliever x 1

Keep out of the reach of children.

Aquario Brand Website: Link

Patented Product by Aquario South Korea 

Produced 100% in South Korea


Medium, Large


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